“Ben and the team at Fit Pro Success are incredibly professional. The entire process felt seamless.
I really can’t believe it’s been a matter of weeks and I’ve gone from having absolutely no marketing (or a clue where to start) to a fully functioning brand!
Ben was my contact through the process. He was genuinely a very helpful and kind person. He understands that not everyone is technical, some people really struggle with the business side of things. As a busy mum of 2 and working on my fitness business I had no time to do what Ben and the team have achieved for me!
They have given me a product. A fully functional business in literally 3/4 weeks!
My classes now run smoother and I have more time to arrive slightly later to sessions as I don’t need to be physically taking payments or writing peoples names on lists.
My timetable is all there for people to view and book on to classes.
I have logos and marketing materials on hand – business cards – flyers – merchandise options!
This is all because the Fit Pro Success team have provided it in one easy package.
People think they can do it themselves and maybe some can, but for me this was a make or break situation.
I couldn’t function with how busy I was getting and I needed the extra tools.
Just having a good Instagram following and word of mouth is not enough!
The world is changing and everything is getting tougher. Ben and the team have helped me keep up! Move with the times and saved me countless hours and a lot of stress.
This process buys you time… Time I can relax in and spend with my family! 
Now I focus on focus on my actual job (and what I love) – Training people to get fit!
If your serious about your business and you want to really succeed against your competitors – then Ben is the guy you need!
I messaged him- I asked him to help me and I had the confidence in him from that initial call.
Honestly, book a call in with Ben and chat to him to see what he can do for you!
I highly recommend him and that’s not just because he is professional and good at his job.
Mainly because he is so passionate about helping other people achieve in business and life!
I don’t know him very well but over this process it’s abundantly clear he loves his job.
I was not the easiest client I’m sure!!
I needed a lot of guidance but I was willing to listen and be guided by Ben because he has experience in a field that I don’t.
If you are in a similar position you will benefit from this service so much. 
Invest in your business because this service is invaluable!!”
Krystal Soden
“When I first started my PT business Ben did my logo and flyers. The logo looked good then and it still looks good now. I had very little idea of what I wanted. I essentially left it to Ben and he did a fantastic job.” 
Alistair Maag

“Ben has been nothing short of amazing through the whole process of my website development. From initial consultation to following up with me post launch.

I was a novice in the industry but Ben made me feel at ease and always kept me involved wherever possible. Any tweaks I requested were always completed straight away as well as Ben inputting quality ideas and resource throughout.

I couldn’t be happier with my website and my experience with Fit Pro Success. Ben has constantly gone above and beyond, I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. Through Fit Pro success I have gained a website, a wealth of knowledge and a friend.” 

Chris Fillingham
Fillingham Fitness